"Write It On Your Heart That The Ones You Love Are Life's Most Precious Gifts."


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Families are the best!!!!

I just have to brag about my awesome kids and husband.
I have had some severe insomnia problems lately and last night I got about 2 hours of sleep.
Today I decided to lay down to try and take a nap. My kids came home from school and Terry must have told them that I was not feeling well. When I came downstairs there were two vases full of picked flowers and a note from each of my older kids telling me they hoped I felt better and that they loved me.
Then lately Dylan keeps telling me, " Mom you are the best mom ever" and " Mom you are wonderful". It makes me feel so good every time he tells me that. ( Because lately I feel like I am not functioning at full capacity)
I'm not going to lie the last 3 months have been some of the rockiest and toughest of my life, but I know because of the amazing family I have- I know I will get through it.
Terry has been my rock- he has been so strong through all of this. I don't know what I would do without him, he has been extremely patient and has picked up so many extra things to help me out. I love him so much and am grateful that through our trials we have not grown apart but have only grown more together.
I guess that's what families are for, to see each other through not only the good times but also through the hard ones. You just have to keep on loving each other and never give up!!!!  :) I am grateful that families are forever.


Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

I love that precious picture. I have been thinking about your family a lot. I am so sorry for your insomnia and pray that you can get some rest and feel better.

The Storyline That Keeps Us Alive said...

What a beautiful post, Annalee. It made me tear up. You have such a precious family and such wonderful sons. I'm so grateful for your example to me. Families are forever and I'm so grateful for that truth in my life as well. You are such a sweet person. I can't wait to come spend some time with you here in the next few weeks. I love ya!

Ashley said...

I Love you and your family and I am very glad and blessed that I can be part of it. You are such a wonderful mother!

Wendy said...

I teared up too! Hope you are doing well! XO

CJACRUN said...

We think about you all often and hope we can get together sometime. I know it's never what I feel like doing when things are tough, but if you ever feel you want to get out, come!